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If you are looking for a Microsoft Access programmer or help with developing a custom Microsoft Access solution, you have come to the right place. We are professional software engineers who specialize in building database solutions. Microsoft Access is our tool of choice, however we are adept at various types of software development. In today’s world Microsoft Access databases interact with websites, back-end systems and desktop software and we have the expertise to provide customers with the right solution. We are fluent in all version of Microsoft Access from version 1.0 through 2016, however we currently do most programming in Microsoft Access 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2003.


Customers Testimonials

RPT Software was a true “game changer” for our organization. They made a difficult data-merge that we run every month, orders of magnitude more simple and streamlined. During the build, RPT was very responsive and quick to resolve any issue/question....



What can I say? Mark and his team of developers are excellent! Mark remained very patient and understanding of the convoluted ideas I presented to him. His developers worked quickly, on-time and exceeded expectations. I will no doubt be talking...


Proposal Manager

We have done many software, database, and other IT development projects and RPT was by far the easiest to work with. There was no upsale, prolonged engagements, consultant speak, or push for a managed services contract, just straight forward, on-time,...


Foundation Director

RPT Software is a pleasure to work with. RPT Software took 3 outdated databases that were not meeting our needs and combined them into one so we can run reports to pull statistics for the Tribal BOD, Federal & State...


Anishnabek Community & Family Services

Mark….A quick note to say thank you for your effort and professional guidance. My database was a mess and I wanted a more interactive system to be able to communicate with clients and prospects on regular basis. After some research,...



Our agency had been looking for management software for several years. We used “off the shelf” software but could really customize to meet our needs. RPT Software allowed to design a database which is customized to meet our exact needs....


Harding Benefits Consulting

I am very impressed with Mark and RPT software. They built a clinical research database for my clinic. After I described to Mark the purpose of the database and my clinic’s needs, he carefully talked me through the design to...



Our experience with Mark and RPT Software has been outstanding. We are a small growing company and needed to address issues with how we managed our projects. I spoke with Mark several times and was very impressed with his quick...



RPT Software from the start took time to understand our process, which lead to the project staying on track, and ahead of deadlines. Their willingness to do whatever is necessary to get the job done, as well as accessibility, are...


Product Manager

I would like to express my gratitude for your patience and wonderful response time to our database issues. Our database was initially written in 1998 and due to the difficulty of finding anyone that was competent and able to repair...



I want to thank you helping us out. I came to you with nothing more than a rough idea of what my company wanted. After many phone conversations RPT Software delivered exactly what we were looking for. We have implemented...


Operations Manager

RPT Software provided a tailored Access database solution for our budget-conscious volunteer organization. We were looking for the means to track information for students participating in our school’s marching band, and to maintain this information year to year for each...


Music Booster Volunteer

At Byrd Brothers, our core competency is debris management following natural and man-made disasters. We’ve spent many hours working to develop a capable project information management system to track tens of subcontractors, hundreds of trucks and thousands of load tickets....


Vice President / FEMA Compliance Director

It has been great working with Mark (RPT Software), he has been very responsive to any and all inquiries. He’s has gone above and beyond what I expected(even helped me find an excellent iPhone app for use by our management...


Irrigation Department Manager

We are extremely impressed and satisfied with the customer tracking/marketing database RPT Software provided for us. We’ve gone from 3 excel spreadsheets, 2 word documents and 1 handwritten yellow legal pad to one customized database. Turnaround time from conception to...


Harvest Business Growth Partners is a corporate advisory business in Brisbane Australia. We provide complex capital raising services to high growth companies. Our business requirements are complex as we provide a tailor service to each client. We were looking for...


Harvest Business Growth Partners

RPT Software does great work at good prices! But what I was most impressed with from them was their extra care they made with moving the process along as quickly and smoothly as possible and overcoming any speed bumps that...


Program Coordinator

After spending numerous hours researching and testing CRM solutions, RPT Software crossed the finish line w/ room to spare! Unlike most CRM solutions on the market today, the RPT CRM Software gives us full control for customizing it to meet...


Vice President, Plastic Resource

I contacted Mark Andrews at RPT Software three years literally in the afternoon on Christmas Eve and he responded! We continue to work with RPT Software and that same level of commitment and service continues to this day. Although we...


Lithtex NW

Being a MS Office developer working for an Australian client on modifications of RPT Software’s CRM Template, I must say that this is definitely amongst the best examples of well and professionally written code I’ve ever seen. As about the...


MS Office Developer

Working with Mark was easy, fast and produced the results we were looking for. Not only did he make the changes perfectly to fit our original request, but he also made several suggestions for improvement that have significantly improved the...


Medical Aid to Haiti

Dear Mark, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you did building the Access system for us and share with you the positive impact it is having on our Admissions Dept. In a relatively short time the system...


Sr. Manager, Student Recruitment and Admissions

To Anyone with Specialized Database Requirements: RPT software, and Mark Andrews in particular, have been instrumental in automating our business processes. Mark knows Access. He has a versatile bag-of-tricks that he quickly tailored to meet our unique needs. After looking...


Operations Manager

In a few days Mark built me a system to track our accounts and all aspects of our business from tracking purchases, leases, hardware keys, training, invoicing, payment collection and any interactions with our customers and contacts. I’m very happy...


Marketing Manager

We use our customer management database on a daily basis to stay in touch with over 825 accounts. The system is very user-friendly and allows us to have a customer’s complete history at our fingertips.


Commodities Manager

Mark redesigned two of our Access 2007 databases. His work was very professional. I would recommend him to anyone looking for quality at a low price.


Network Administrator

RPT Software has been a great asset to our company. Not only has the quality of the work been great but the follow up service has been very quick and efficient.


Investment Company

We were extremely pleased with the results of the work we did with Mark/RPT Software. Our complicated database to manage a multi-million dollar US Government-funded community development project in Haiti needed to be revamped and Mark worked with us and...


International Organization for Migration

Thank you Mark and RPT Software, I am very pleased to say that the database manager you created has turned out perfectly. I am impressed with your ability to take abstract ideas and information from someone with no programming background...


Production Manager/Mortgage Planner

Working with RPT Software was easy and convenient. Mark was very helpful and patient in making sure the database was exactly what we needed to help streamline our processes. He was always accessible and dependent during the entire process. He...


Sr. Manager, Sales Administration

Latest Product News

  • RPT Software - Sales TrendJanuary 1, 2017

  • Microsoft Access Cloud Service is now live! Released Jan 1, 2013January 1, 2013

  • CRM Template (Advanced) - Version 2 Released Nov 26, 2012September 26, 2012

RPT Software - Sales Trend
January 1, 2017

Sales for 2016 are up again!

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Microsoft Access Cloud Service is now live! Released Jan 1, 2013
January 1, 2013

As a service to our customers we provide an option to host your access database in the cloud.

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CRM Template (Advanced) - Version 2 Released Nov 26, 2012
September 26, 2012

We upgraded our most popular CRM template to add some nice features

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Microsoft Access Services

Microsoft Access Consulting or Programming

RPT Software can build feature rich low cost applications using Microsoft Access. We have done numerous projects so we can quickly build your custom project by re-using code from previous projects. Our programmers have years of experience in all versions of Microsoft Access.

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Microsoft Access Proof of Concept/Prototyping

Once our Microsoft Access consulting services have completed the design of a project, a prototype or proof of concept application can be used to test out the viability of the concept. If you are unsure of exactly what you need, a prototype is the way to go.

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Microsoft Access Database Troubleshooting

If you already have a database solution that is behaving badly, running too slow or not working the way you would like you can use RPT Software's Microsoft Access consulting services to help fix the problems or optimize the application.

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Microsoft Access Conversion Services

Do you need help converting your current Microsoft Excel system that you built yourself to Microsoft Access? How about help with a Microsoft Access database that's in the wrong version of Microsoft Access? Possibly you need help moving from Access to SQL Server.

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Microsoft Access Support Services

Are you new to Access or need help with a particular problem? We can provide hourly help. You can purchase an hour at a time or perhaps buy one of our database templates and purchase a few hours of dedicated help for us to help you build or design the solution.

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Microsoft Access Training Services

You can use our Microsoft Acccess consultants to help train your software engineers. What we have found that works best is for the trainee and trainer to work together one on one. We walk you through the problem and solution the way we would approach it and you learn as you go.

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Clients by industry

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Small Business

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Financial Services

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Case Studies

Adrian Smith

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Adrian Smith
Los Angeles, CA - Client RPT Software Since 2010

Microsoft Access Extras

Tip #1 - Table design and relationship design are important

Microsoft Access provides for rapid application development but that doesn’t mean that good relational design should be sacrificed just because the developer doesn’t think things through up front. Making a solution with proper table and realtionship design is very important.

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Tip #2 - Always create a front-end and back-end database

Unless you are just making a quick database for personal use, you should always split a Microsoft Access solution into two databases. This article demonstrates best practices and code you can use to help with linking tables: Microsoft Access database splitting.

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Tip #3 - Backup work often while in the development process

In general backing up files often is a good tip for all types of development. Microsoft Access databases can become corrupt under various circumstances and numerous changes of code sometimes require you to look back at previous versions. Backup at a minimum of once per day.

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Tip #4 - Provide a calendar for date selection

For all access date fields that the user is entering you should supply a good calendar form for easy date selection. I prefer this code Microsoft Access calendar, however there are many versions of homemade calendars forms available on the web.

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Tip #5 - Do proper error handling in all routines

Every function or subroutine should contain error handling. Without it, a user may be left viewing the faulty code in a full version of Access and a run-time version of Access will just crash. Thanks again to Allen Browne for another good link:Microsoft Access error handling

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Tip #6 - Use the newsgroups to ask questions

The Microsoft Access newsgroup can be a very useful place to ask general questions and get help.

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Tip #7 - Find example code that's as close as possible to your proposed solution

Never start a development project without looking for code sample or examples that could help you build your solution faster. Why do work when someone else has already tackled the problem for you? Our links page has some places to look as well as our database templates are a great way to start a project and shave a month of the project for just a small investment.

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