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Working with Mark was easy, fast and produced the results we were looking for. Not only did he make the changes perfectly to fit our original request, but he also made several suggestions for improvement that have significantly improved the quality of our data. I would recommend RPT Software to anyone looking for high quality work at affordable prices.

Medical Aid to Haiti

Dear Mark, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you did building the Access system for us and share with you the positive impact it is having on our Admissions Dept. In a relatively short time the system has eased our work flow and improved our efficiency. I think the success of the system can be summarized in three points: First, it’s very user oriented – the whole system was designed with the user in mind. You managed to orient the system so we are not now data centric, but user centric. This is really key for us when managing so much detailed information. You have helped us improve our reporting accuracy and efficiency significantly. Second, our team found you very easy to work with, which significantly limited frustration during development. It’s rare to find someone who clearly has as much programming skill as you have who can listen to and interpret the users’ needs so well. Limiting our frustration helps us feel good about using the system. And just think, we did all this 12 time zones apart! Third, you are customer service oriented. Your super fast response time has been incredible. And I like that you follow up when you make a change or add something to ensure we are using the latest feature. As an example, the fact that you managed our encryption request so quickly simplified things on our end tremendously. This is not a one-off example, but rather your ‘standard operating procedure’. Mark, it has been a pleasure working with you. The two Access systems you built for us – one CRM for tracking prospective students and one for Student Admissions – are working well. I would be delighted to share our experience working with you at RPT with any of your prospective clients at any time. Thanks for all the hard work. With kind regards

Sr. Manager, Student Recruitment and Admissions
Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore

To Anyone with Specialized Database Requirements: RPT software, and Mark Andrews in particular, have been instrumental in automating our business processes. Mark knows Access. He has a versatile bag-of-tricks that he quickly tailored to meet our unique needs. After looking at dozens of software products, some costing more than ten times what we spent with RPT, Mark’s custom application instantly increased our productivity. Mark is always there for us too. As we brought the system online it needed some minor tweaking. Mark answers my emails almost instantly and his turnaround time has been remarkable. Some of the issues required some creative thinking. Mark worked with us to quickly find the best approach to our issues, and then he implemented the changes very quickly, often delivering the fixes the next business day. I would sincerely recommend Mark and RPT Software to anyone with specialized database needs and a limited budget. I consider his one of the key business relationships that will be instrumental in our future success.

Operations Manager
National Maintenance Systems Inc.

In a few days Mark built me a system to track our accounts and all aspects of our business from tracking purchases, leases, hardware keys, training, invoicing, payment collection and any interactions with our customers and contacts. I’m very happy with my investment! A+

Marketing Manager

We use our customer management database on a daily basis to stay in touch with over 825 accounts. The system is very user-friendly and allows us to have a customer’s complete history at our fingertips.

Commodities Manager
Poet Biorefining